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Javanehha Website covers Iran news including the violation of prisoners’ rights and the problems they face in prisons across Iran.
We also report the violation of the basic rights of Iranian citizens.
We are an independent news source that seeks to provide uncensored news from inside Iran’s prisons.
We express our solidarity with families of political prisoners and support the rights of workers, students, teachers and other young Iranians who are currently detained in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
We want a free and peaceful Iran, without execution, torture and prison.
We want an Iran where women and young people are not harassed, insulted and jailed because of the way they dress or live.
We want an Iran where people from all ethnicities are free to choose their religion and where they are not persecuted for following their beliefs.
We want an end to the Velayat-e-Faqih system in Iran.
Our reporters in Iran are volunteers and provide us with news and developments from inside Iranian prisons.
We are funded by our supporters and those who support human rights in Iran.


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Email: javanehha617@gmail.com



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